About Me


I was a kid who liked to write lists. Each summer morning my best friend and I would sit outside at my picnic table and craft these line items, simple ways to spend our day like:




you get the idea…


That ten year old writer me is still around and you’ll find her here, in all her bumbling glory, still writing those little lists with a nubby pencil(but sometimes I do use a gel pen because, well, they feel cool). That younger me sits on my shoulder, directing my writing and occasionally taking over herself. Well, she takes over a lot, but that’s our secret…


I also have a pretty wild marble collection, although I am not an expert. I collect by the cool color combos or by their names(no really, I do. How can you resist one called superman or bumblebee or copperhead…?)and each one is almost 100 years old, so history!

I have a 40 lb rescue dog who thinks she is a lap dog, a long-haired cat who follows me around like a puppy, and two other cats who are also rescues and big loves.

I love chocolate, especially with peanut butter, occasionally eat pizza for breakfast, and absolutely do not like beets.

I read anything, but love to be scared…just a little bit.